Friday, March 11, 2011

Who Am I?

Hey guys!  I’m Brittani, the third of four children in our family.  I was married a little over a year ago on Thanksgiving Break of my last year of college.  It was a very busy time.  In fact, I even had a geology lab final the week after my wedding.  I was so blessed to have such creative sisters to plan my wedding with me.  I love to plan parties with my sisters, but it does not come as easy to me as it does to them.  I spend hours looking up ideas on the internet and combining some of those ideas that match my style. 
This is me with Alexia and Hayley and our brother, Nathaniel
Elaine Melinda Studio

The wedding party
Elaine Melinda Studio

I am currently a high school math teacher at a small Christian school.  I love finding ways to make math simple for students who may struggle with it.  I was the student that was good at math, but did not really like it.  I decided that it is not that bad if you have a teacher that inspires you to learn.  I got to my first year of teaching and found out that is not near as easy as I thought it would be.  I love my job, but I now realize how much work goes into finding different ways to show students ways to solve math problems.
This is Alexia and me with my grandma and aunt at a tea room.

  I love making homemade things.  I would visit my grandparents and go to antique stores with my grandmother.  She taught me how to look for real antique teacups and determine which brands to look for.  She also passed on a love of quilting to me.  She started making all of her grandchildren quilts when we were younger.  I have quilts from her that are made from scraps and I can recognize the different fabrics that were used on my Easter or Christmas dresses that my great grandmother had made.  I have made a few quilts and I am working on others that I will share later.   

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